Diversity Statement

Hands Raised

We are for EVERYONE!

Our collective human existence can only flourish by embracing and living by the foundations of diveristy, equity, and inclusion, and firmly and clearly casting down those ideals and expressions that counter against them.

We believe in showing respect to all people, regardless of their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, background, or opinion. Our work centers around improving lives in the areas of health, education and financial stability. To do that effectivley, we must be diligent to include and consider all Cowlitz and Wahkiakum residents and those who come into our community to further enrich its diversity. 

With the world rapidly changing every day, we must examine ourselves and our current processes and interactions, note areas for improvement and put forth continuous effort to embody and exchange kindness, open mindness, patience and grace to all people!

It is up to us... all of us to mold our community into a space that everyone can feel accepted, loved, and achieve a stable life. Our community's greatest asset is its variety of people. and the skills, passions, and ideas that they contribute to building our society.

We are for EVERYONE, and we LIVE UNITED!

-The United Way Board of Directors and Stafff