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United Way is building healthier, more resilient communities by promoting healthy eating, expanding access to quality health care and integrating health into early childhood development.


all adults/youth in cowlitz and wahkiakum counties are healthy.


  1. Increase access to healthcare

  2. Increase youth knowledge of nutrition and healthy activities

  3. Increase safety for victims of violence and/or neglect

  4. Increase access to healhty meals

  5. Decrease language barriers to essential human-need services

  6. Increase services to transport individuals to health & well-being appointments/locations



Here are some 2017-2018 Campaign results:

  • United Way’s funding is equivalent to 24,615 meals for FISH, at an average cost of .52 center per meal, combined with other food donations. Our funds make up 32% of FISH’s food that was bought in the last year.
  • 1,540 meals were served at Castle Rock Senior Center for the Friday Lunch Program.
  • Provided $9,600 of funds for medication and supplies to be kept on-hand for patients visiting Community Health Partners.
  • 5,200 healthy meals were provided to Longview Senior Center, helping with over 18,000 hours of social interaction for seniors.
  • Assisted Ethnic Support Council  in funding to provide 1,400 clients with services: 32% of them being for medical reasons, 7% for employment assistance, 24% for legal issues, 2% for education, 10% for housing and 25% to other.
  • 40 — $25.00 gas cards were given to volunteers that transport for Volunteer Services, getting our citizens of Cowlitz & Wahkiakum Counties to medical appointments, grocery stores and other essential locations.
  • YMCA was able to provide 28,152 HEPA (Healthy Eating & Physical Activity) snacks during the year.