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United Way is making sure children and youth can start school ready to succeed! Helping students become proficient readers at a young age, stay on track in middle school, earn their high school diploma and follow the next steps to pursue college or a career.


All students will graduate high school prepared for diverse post secondary opportunities and beyond.


  1. Increase School Readiness of children ages 0-5

  2. Increase leadership and life skills for youth

  3. Connect youth to education opportunities facing financial barriers

  4. Increase hands-on learning for youth 



Here are some 2017-2018 Campaign Results:

  • 52 Kindergarten Readiness  Kits were provided to our children by Community Caring Project
  • Progress Center was able to disperse 871 packets into the community with United Way funds. Packets assist in tracking childrens developmental progress and referring those needing more services to the correct interventions
  • 263 children were provided with services for Positive Bahvioral Support for Lower Columbia Head Start
  • United Way funds helped achieve St. James 100% Kindergarten Readiness,  according to Teaching Strategies Gold Assesment, by providing funds to operate the program
  • Children’s Justice & Adcocacy Center was able to print 2,500   brochures to educate the community on safe practices for children with United Way funds.  $1,000 went toward  secondary counseling for child victcims of physical abuse
  • Dispersed 3.055 Kindergarten calendars to the community
  • Provided Trainings in the community for grant writing, mental health first aid,  and human trafficking