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Annual Co-ed Softball Cup Registration & Information

>>Click HERE to register for our Co-ed Softball Tournament!<<

If you are not paying by card, please call (360) 423-5320 and we can take cash and/or checks for your teams registration.

You are not guarenteed a spot until you have paid for your team. There is a 14 team max for this 1-DAY, Double Elimination Tournament. 


Welcome to our second, annual co-ed Softball Classic! We will have a home run derby, 50/50 raffle, beer gardens, concessions and a whole lot of softball!

This event is August 4th, 2018 and will be taking place at Roy Morse Softball Fields

Cost is $25 per player, with 10-16 players per team

Games begin at 8:00am and go until finished (anticipated time is 10:00pm)

Game rules will be BASED off  “USSSA Rules for Co-Ed Slow Pitch Softball”

Remember: This is a tournament for fun, this is NOT a certified tournament, our Umpires are volunteers, United Way Board members are volunteers and there will be a ZERO tolerance for any misconduct, any team member will be disqualified & asked to leave immediately if they violate.
Home Run Rule Reminder:

Each team will be limited to 2 unobstructed over-the-fence home runs per game. Any home run over 2 will result in an OUT - unless you purchase a $20 home run bracelet.

On the Field Rule Reminder: 

Must have 5 males and 5 females playing on the field.

Batting Rule Reminder:

Must have 5 males and 5 females in the batting lineup - or 6 males and 6 females if you use 2 additional hitters (cannot have more males in the batting lineup if you end up dropping players later).

Game Time Rule Reminder:

1 Hour - drop dead time.