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In the Sept. 25, 2003, issue of The Daily News, State Child Protection Services workers stated that they were encountering an epidemic of drug babies being born in Cowlitz County.  In response to this article, DAPC opened STARS (Sharing, Teaching, Achieving, Recovering, Sisterhood) in November 2003.
STARS is a program designed to provide enhanced outpatient treatment services to pregnant/parenting women.  Cowlitz County United Way has helped to finance the program since it was started.
STARS has become the “cornerstone” for DAPC’s attempt to break the cycle of babies being born with drugs in their systems. STARS has led to the development of a 180-day residential treatment program that started in August 2005 for 16 pregnant/parenting women and 16 of their children (ages 0-6). STARS was also the impetus for DAPC’s Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP), which also started in August 2005. PCAP provides for intensive case management for pregnant/postpartum women and their children.
As of July 31, out of 76 births in DAPC’s programs for pregnant/parenting women, 69 were born drug-free. Thank you, United Way — you do make a difference.  Without your support of STARS, this would not be
Gus Nolte
Drug Abuse Prevention Center

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