Funding Application

The goal of United Way of Cowlitz & Wahkiakum Counties is to provide leadership and support for the community in addressing social issues through consolidated fund-raising and allocation of resources to meet community needs.  Agencies supporting this goal may be considered as partners if the following minimum standards are met:
  • Tax Exempt Status: The nature of the agency and its operation shall be such that contributions thereto are deductible and exempt under the Internal.
  • Revenue Code, Section 501 (c)(3) and applicable State of Washington laws for the purpose of income, estate, inheritance and gift taxes.
  • Responsible Agency Management: Each agency shall have an active, responsible governing Board of Directors, all of whom shall serve on the board without compensation, holding regular meetings, and participating actively in the management of the agency.
  • Maintenance of Proper Financial Records: Each agency shall keep accurate records of all receipts and expenditures.
  • Programs: Agencies must maintain active and necessary programs, which meet accepted standards within their field or those established by national organizations or other widely recognized and accepted standards.  The objectives of the program must be pursued with careful regard: 
to the welfare of the public and of the persons served by the program,
 to the efficiency of the operation as to consultation and cooperation with other organizations, and particularly those in the same or related fields,
 without discrimination based on the current law of the land.
  Agency Cooperation: Agencies shall cooperate with the United Way and other social welfare organizations in avoiding duplication of services and through participation in the establishment, endorsement and adherence to all operational policies of the United Way.
  • Budgets and Audit: Each participating partner agency is expected to prepare and operate within soundly prepared budgets. Budgets and reports of prior year activities will be submitted in the prescribed format to the United Way for review and consideration of financial support.
Partner Agreement
A partner agency agrees to promote the United Way campaign by:
  • Providing speakers, tours and participating in other mutually agreed upon activities;
  • Conducting an employee workplace campaign utilizing payroll deduction;
  • Using the United Way logo on agency signs and materials;
  • Agreeing to be listed with United Way of Cowlitz & Wahkiakum Counties in the annual campaign, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and the State Combined Fund Drive (CFD).
Funding may be terminated or revised by the United Way upon thirty days written notice; if an agency is being considered for termination or revision by United Way, the agency will be contacted for discussions prior to any termination or revision.  
If your organization meets and agrees to the above and wishes to pursue funding from United Way of Cowlitz & Wahkiakum Counties, please call the United Way office at 423-5320
Grant applications are sent to partner agencies to submit if they choose within a deadline. The United Way board conducts site visits to each applying agency and then conducts grant award night, where the United Way board decides program distribution amounts.

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